Site Svensk industriteknik verksamhet

Efficient projects and processes for heavy industry

SITE Swedish industrial technology works with the development and management of processes to create efficient projects for industrial technology, management, and construction for the steel and mining industry.

About us

We are a consulting company that specializes mainly in heavy industry. Our consultants have extensive experience in the field. Our main areas are technical project management and mechanical design.

We can help you with everything from construction management and procurement to costing and optimization in a variety of business areas.

Our customers are mainly in the mining industry, the steel industry, plant, and manufacturing. With us, you get consultants who are accustomed to considerable time and cost-efficiency.

Quality in delivery is our signature, regardless of the size of the project and customer. We solve everything from short, effective efforts in short notice to complex discoveries in the multimillion size.

If we take on a consultancy assignment, we ensure that we deliver results.


We have the office in Luleå. Here we have created nice workspaces that give our coworkers a good working environment in order to offer our customers the best efficiency. See more photos in a slideshow.

Welcome to Varvsgatan 49 in Luleå city center. See map on Google.



Contact us via e-mail and we will get back to you or call one of our coworkers directly.




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Site Svensk industriteknik verksamhet



  • Project
  • Design management
  • Construction management and assembly line
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Calculation and follow-up of results
  • Bas-P and Bas-U
  • Risk management and work environment


  • Civil engineering construction, mechanics and media
  • The layout Coordination
  • Process Technology
  • CE marking
  • FEM calculations

Practice Areas

  • Steel Technology
  • Carrying structures, platforms, walkways
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Moving parts flow of gas-liquid material, wear/maintenance
  • Mining and steel industry
  • Improvements in the working environment, safety, capacity increase, quality
  • Cranes and lifts
  • Access, redesign and restructuring, documentation, fall protection
  • Plant engineering
  • Process improvements, optimization