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Time planner for the red line at LKAB in Kiruna

SITE was tasked with scheduling a project where belt conveyors on the “red line” are to be replaced. We have extensive experience from LKAB’s operations and were entrusted with coordinating a common timetable for all the different technical areas in the project as well as follow-up on this.

Our role: Management, Time planning
Consultant: Erik Kruukka

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Tidplanering kontor Erik Kruukka från SITE

About the project

The challenges in the project lie in the fact that much of the installation must take place during the long production shutdown that only happens once/year.

This requires a schedule that is down to hours and maybe even minutes to know who will do what and when.

– It is important to find dependencies between the various actors within the various technology areas in order to synchronize a common timetable, says Erik Kruukka, SITE.