Management illustration SITE

Management company in northern Sweden for industry

SITE provides project management, design management and construction and assembly management for the heavy industry. If you want help with efficient time planning, we will solve it. The same if you need help with procurement. We also act as coordinators for the construction environment (Bas-U and Bas-P) and specialize in risk management and work environment.

We know that successful projects are set up from the beginning and are based on stable calculations. Therefore, we can take your project from calculation to result follow-up.

So don’t hesitate to contact us with your project management and control needs. We make sure to find flexible solutions that suit your wishes.

Management for traverse safety by Niclas at SITE

Project management for the mining and steel industry

Our project managers have extensive experience in the heavy industry in Norrland and know how it works in the business. Our customers are mainly in the mining industry, the steel industry, construction and manufacturing. With us, you get consultants who are used to real deals and cost efficiency.

Services in management

  • Project management
  • Design management
  • Construction management and assembly management
  • Time planning
  • Procurement
  • Calculation and result follow-up
  • Base-P and Base-U
  • Risk management and work environment
Designer and project manager for industrial office SITE